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Earn upto 16% p.a.

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RBI Certified NBFC-P2P

Receive monthly interest payouts into your bank account.


Yearly Returns

upto ₹16,000

Monthly Paid info

These are indicative, average monthly earnings over 12 months. Actual month of month earnings may vary along with the start date of the earnings due to difference in deployment and repayment dates of loans funded.

upto ₹1,333.33

IndiaP2P’s investment product design and borrower selection are designed to minimize the risk of loss on your investment.

Build a strong portfolio, without compromising on returns


Create a Second Income Source


Your investment is deployed into loan portfolios


Loans repay principal & interest every month.


Principal repaid is reinvested & intrest is paid into your bank account


Strong Diversification


Secure Transactions


High Quality Loans

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Monthly Income Plan


  • Your funds are invested in loans with Medium credit ratings.

  • Principal repaid is reinvested & interest is paid into your bank account.

Earn upto

Monthly Income Plan


  • Your funds are invested in loans with High credit ratings.

  • Principal repaid is reinvested & interest is paid into your bank account.

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Setup Account

KYC Verification - Aadhaar, PAN, Bank account


Select Plan & Risk Category

Growth plan

Income Plan


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UPI or bank transfer


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How are borrowers/loans vetted and verified?

IndiaP2P combines technology and field presence to screen, verify and diligence borrowers.


Our team meets with each borrower for a comprehensive overview.
A typical IndiaP2P borrower is a woman business owner with a prior track record of successful loan repayment i.e. a good credit score.

Our risk team comes with the industry's strongest credentials and experience.

To minimize this risk, IndiaP2P takes several measures:

IndiaP2P onboards highest quality borrowers post physical verification


Scientific, granular diversification across loan fractions

Choose between Conservative and Aggressive borrower ratings to set your risk profile

What our investor's say about us

investor: growth plan, passive income
Yattan S.


Smooth onboarding and no post-investment effort. I'm happy that this is one investment I don't have to monitor at all.

investor: high returns, nation building
Abhay R.

Procurement Ops Lead

IndiaP2P is the highest returns asset in my portfolio.

investor: monthly income plan, second source of income
Snehal P.

Architet & Entrepreneur

This is a truly innovative product and compliments my other investments. The returns are indeed exciting and the lack of volatility comforting.

investor: empowering women entrepreneurs
Aditi Bhandari

VP Marketing

I love that my IndiaP2P investment has such a positive impact in promoting growth of so many businesses. Even better that these are run by women.

investor: high returns, women entrepreneurs
Bharti B.


I invested with IndiaP2P because of the high returns and only later discovered what a wonderfully meaningful investment it is. I would call it a nation-building investment.

investor: fixed income
Tanvi K.


Superior returns with a transparent view of where investments are deployed. Glad to see that returns are not linked to speculation

investor: investment product, monthly earnings
Tahura K


Women x Business = Great Returns. I like that with IndiaP2P I am able to do this. I look forward to interacting in person with some of the businesswomen IndiaP2P faciliates lending to. Their grit and stories are inspiring.

investor: low risk, stable returns
Saurabh Saraf

Entreprenuer-Climate Finance

I was impressed with the founding team's story, experience and how they worked on creating an investment product that gives high returns and does good for women entrepreneurs. I believe that having more women in business is our best chance at becoming a prosperous nation.

investor: second income, low risk
Nitin Negi

Agritech Entreprenuer

You are offering unbelievable returns. I look forward to the 1st of every month when they hit my bank account.

investor: low risk, high returns
Ayush G.

IT Professional

An investment product that I finally understand. Simple and super-easy to understand.

investor: investment product, second source of income
Shoeb K.

Corporate Leader

An investment that supports the business aspirations of borrowers while fulfilling my financial goals.

investor: easy and simple investment
Pradeep J

Retired Army

Great way to create a second, monthly income

investor: investment product with high returns

Data Lead

I like the transparency in stating returns in APR or per annum basis. No misleading IRRs or fancy return calculations.

investor: risk free, non-volatile
Manish Jasyal

Product Manager

I am a conservative investor and IndiaP2P worked for me because of being RBI regulated and easy to understand.

investor: fixed income, monthly returns


Seeing returns hit my bank account every month makes me smile. Please launch your mobile app soon.

investor: fixed income, monthly returns
Sunanda G.


My investment corpus automatically increases every month with the growth plan and enables more borrowers.

investor: passive income
Luv N.


A purposeful investment that doubles up as a passive income stream.

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