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What our investor's say about us

investor: growth plan, passive income
Yattan S.


Smooth onboarding and no post-investment effort. I'm happy that this is one investment I don't have to monitor at all.

investor: high returns, nation building
Abhay R.

Procurement Ops Lead

IndiaP2P is the highest returns asset in my portfolio.

investor: monthly income plan, second source of income
Snehal P.

Architet & Entrepreneur

This is a truly innovative product and compliments my other investments. The returns are indeed exciting and the lack of volatility comforting.

investor: empowering women entrepreneurs
Aditi Bhandari

VP Marketing

I love that my IndiaP2P investment has such a positive impact in promoting growth of so many businesses. Even better that these are run by women.

investor: high returns, women entrepreneurs
Bharti B.


I invested with IndiaP2P because of the high returns and only later discovered what a wonderfully meaningful investment it is. I would call it a nation-building investment.

investor: fixed income
Tanvi K.


Superior returns with a transparent view of where investments are deployed. Glad to see that returns are not linked to speculation

investor: investment product, monthly earnings
Tahura K


Women x Business = Great Returns. I like that with IndiaP2P I am able to do this. I look forward to interacting in person with some of the businesswomen IndiaP2P faciliates lending to. Their grit and stories are inspiring.

investor: low risk, stable returns
Saurabh Saraf

Entreprenuer-Climate Finance

I was impressed with the founding team's story, experience and how they worked on creating an investment product that gives high returns and does good for women entrepreneurs. I believe that having more women in business is our best chance at becoming a prosperous nation.

investor: second income, low risk
Nitin Negi

Agritech Entreprenuer

You are offering unbelievable returns. I look forward to the 1st of every month when they hit my bank account.

investor: low risk, high returns
Ayush G.

IT Professional

An investment product that I finally understand. Simple and super-easy to understand.

investor: investment product, second source of income
Shoeb K.

Corporate Leader

An investment that supports the business aspirations of borrowers while fulfilling my financial goals.

investor: easy and simple investment
Pradeep J

Retired Army

Great way to create a second, monthly income

investor: investment product with high returns

Data Lead

I like the transparency in stating returns in APR or per annum basis. No misleading IRRs or fancy return calculations.

investor: risk free, non-volatile
Manish Jasyal

Product Manager

I am a conservative investor and IndiaP2P worked for me because of being RBI regulated and easy to understand.

investor: fixed income, monthly returns


Seeing returns hit my bank account every month makes me smile. Please launch your mobile app soon.

investor: fixed income, monthly returns
Sunanda G.


My investment corpus automatically increases every month with the growth plan and enables more borrowers.

investor: passive income
Luv N.


A purposeful investment that doubles up as a passive income stream.

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