IndiaP2P set out to build and offer the ideal investment product for retail investors

  • Monthly Earnings
  • Passive
  • Predictable Performance

and also regulated i.e. with all the necessary protections that you deserve.

Our Values



Highest standards of integrity in our processes and product design. Our north star metric is your continued trust.



We set out to create innovative products that are not just different but also sector-defining. Generating high, impactful returns.



Our investment products deliver outcomes that align with your values of progress and purpose. These values bind our community into a force of good.

Meet Our Team

Our team comes with rich experience and expertise in lending, fintech, and building sector-defining, consumer-first organisations.

Neha Juneja

Neha Juneja


Neha is a seasoned entrepreneur having previously co-founded & scaled Greenway - India’s largest clean cooking enterprise with ops across rural India and sub-Saharan Africa where she developed multiple credit partnerships focused on women as borrowers. Her work has been featured across the covers of Forbes, Businessworld etc.

Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta


Mohit is a fintech specialist and has built wealth management, field data, lending platforms and led large tech teams over the last 14 years. He has designed and developed several global tech products that cater to users ranging from large financial services organisations to independent wealth managers to field data operators.

Ravinder Voomidisingh

Ravinder Voomidisingh


Ravinder is a finance specialist with 14 years of experience in corporate lending, credit ratings and risk management. He specializes in lending to financial institutions including MFIs and NBFCs operating in high yield retail loans segment covering a wide range of organisations and credit product types.

Founding Members

Roopank C.

Roopank C.

Roopank is a CCO at a Mumbai-based management consulting firm with 21+ years of experience in HR consulting and organizational effectiveness. He holds an MBA, Economics degree, and Journalism Post Graduation.

Nagarajan M.

Nagarajan M.

Nagarajan founded rural-focused financial services, promoting formal financial inclusion for thousands of rural women by designing tailored credit solutions for MSMEs, recognized industry leader.

Ankit Mathur

Ankit Mathur

Ankit is an entrepreneur and Greenway co-founder. He designed financing mechanisms for asset deployment in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. He's won multiple awards and is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad.

Shiji Pavithran

Shiji Pavithran

Shiji has 25+ years of experience in distribution-led businesses. He led rural Buy Now Pay Later programs and developed financing partnerships with banks, microfinance, and DFIs. MBA holder.

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Backed by leading VCs and the industry's first technology stack of its kind, we are delivering stable, high-returns presented to you most transparently. No fancy IRRs, no multi-year payouts, only real projected returns earned monthly by lending to risk-reduced portfolios of high-quality and impactful retail loans.

Our TeamOur Team


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