Grievance Redressal Policy

Introduction: (“Platform”) is an NBFC Peer to Peer platform licensed by the RBI and operated by Trickle Flood Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This Grievance Redressal Policy is set out as a mechanism available within the organization to enable Lenders and Borrowers to lodge their complaints / grievances or give their feedback /suggestions in relation to their dealings with the Platform in a firm, conclusive and timely manner.

  • 1. A complainant/feedback provider must send his/her grievance/suggestions via email to with their contact information and Platform identifier such as Lender ID, Borrower ID, Loan ID etc (if available). For immediate assistance, you can reach our customer support at 022 65027681 from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday (except holidays).
  • 2. Complaints/suggestions received via other media such as social media channels will also be supported via the same process. However, acknowledgement and follow up communication by the Platform will be restricted to the rules of the relevant media, availability of complainant/feedback provider etc.
  • 3. The Support Team must promptly identify and raise an appropriate ticket on a received grievance within 1 working day. Suggestions received must be forwarded to the relevant department(s) within 2 working days.
  • 4. In case of non-closure of complaint tickets within 5 working days, the said grievance shall be escalated to the Grievance Officer (Mr. Ravinder Voomidisingh at or +91 9154329125 ).
  • 5. In case of non-closure of complaint tickets within 12 working days, the said grievance will be escalated to the CEO at