Fair Practices Code


IndiaP2P.com (“Platform”) is an NBFC Peer to Peer platform licensed by the RBI and operated by Trickle Flood Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This code shall apply to all employees of the Platform and other persons authorized to represent it in the course of its business, irrespective of the medium of provision of services. This code will also be displayed on the notice board in all physical office branches and also on the website of the Platform (IndiaP2P.com)

The Platform shall adhere to this code to act fairly and reasonably in all dealings, on the ethical principle of integrity and transparency, to meet and exceed the best practices prevalent in the industry

  • 1. The Platform would provide clear information to Lenders and Borrowers about risks, Platform fees and process along with terms and conditions.
  • 2. The Platform will respond quickly and respectfully to all stakeholder complaints.
  • 3. The Platform will treat all personal information as private and confidential as per it’s Privacy Policy.
  • 4. The Platform shall not discriminate against any internal or external stakeholder on the basis of gender, marital status, caste, religion, age or disability.
  • 5. The Platform will be respectful and refrain from coercive measures in collecting overdue payments. The stipulated Policy on Collection of Dues on Behalf of Lenders will be strictly followed.
  • 6. The Platform will ensure that any marketing and/or communication materials shared by it are clear and not misleading.
  • 7. The Platform would obtain only such information to meet with the company's KYC, AntiMoney Laundering or any other statutory or risk profiling requirements. In case any additional information is asked for, it will be sought separately and shall specify the objective of obtaining such additional information.
  • 8. The Platform has a separate policy in place with respect to Grievance Redressal. The same is displayed on the website of the Company www.indiap2p.com and may be referred to for details pertaining to grievance redressal process.
  • 9. The Platform will ensure that Lenders understand and agree to the risks and dues collection protocols established by the Platform
  • 10. The Platform shall ensure that Borrowers understand their obligations and responsibilities towards their Lender(s).
  • 11. Any changes to any of the Platform’s policies that affect external shareholders will be communicated via its website and other media when required.
  • 12. The Platform will communicate any changes or updates in compliance or regulation with relevant stakeholders.

For more information, clarifications and suggestions, please write to info@indiap2p.com